Things You Need To Know Before Eating in a Chinese Restaurant in Pattaya

It is good to indulge in foreign cuisines once a while. Chinese food is particularly interesting and you should make sure you visit a Chinese restaurant at least once in your lifetime. You don’t have to travel to China to taste their cuisines. Nowadays, Chinese restaurants are in almost all the major cities in the world. The Chinese restaurant Pattaya option you decide to visit should provide you with the desired experience. But, which kind of food and drinks do I expect in the menu? How am I supposed to conduct myself while I the restaurant? These are some of the questions that will run into your mind when you plan to visit a Chinese restaurant Pattaya option. You need worry no more. This article will give you all the information you need to know about Chinese restaurants. After reading it, you can walk confidently into the Chinese restaurant near you.

All the food is shared

In a Chinese restaurant you do not order your own food. Normally, the host orders food on behalf of everyone in the table. In case you have special requests, you discuss it privately with the host. Unlike other Pattaya restaurants, you will not have your own dish served in front of you. The food is usually placed at the center where everyone can reach out. If you are the host, you don’t have to worry about what to order; the menus have picture so you can tell the kind of food you are ordering.

Let the guests and the elderly start first

As the host, you are expected to allow your guests or the elderly people in the table to start eating first. You only start eating once they have had their first bite. This is considered a sign of politeness. Respect is everything in the Chinese culture. Respect for the elderly is highly upheld including at the dinner table.

Chopsticks for all dishes

This is the greatest challenge for most foreigners when it comes to Chinese food. Do not be surprised to find that the Chinese restaurant Pattaya option you have visited has neither folks nor knives. You will have no choice but to use the chopsticks. I would suggest that you start practicing in advance before visiting the restaurant. Buy a pair of chopsticks from your local supermarket and practice by picking peanuts and noodles.

Where you sit matters

Sitting positions at the table causes a lot of problems. It is even more confusing considering the fact that different regions in China have different rules. But in most cases, Chinese restaurants have private rooms with round tables. If you are the host, sit directly facing the door. The main guests will sit on your left while secondary guests on your right.

Tea is a must

Chinese restaurants do not serve cold water unless you ask for it. Tea is considered very special by Chinese people. There are many varieties of tea flavors to choose from. Do an internet search to know of the best Chinese tea to try out. The proper way to pour tea is by holding down the lid. If someone pours for you tea, tap the table with two fingers to show appreciation.