Star Hotels in Bangkok – Enjoy Asian Hospitality at its Best

On your next trip to Bangkok, look for a convenient place to stay. Many times, if you do a diligent search, you might find a 3 star hotel Bangkok has to offer at rates comparable with budget hotels. However, in terms of convenience, comfort and service, they are as good as any luxury hotel. In the hospitality sector, there are factors you may want to explore before making a reservation namely, the hotel’s location, the type of accommodation including food, and the overall quality of their service.

Facilities and Provisions are Very Important

Any hotel should have the basic amenities available for guest to be comfortable during their stay. These include:

  • The rooms should be properly laid out and spacious,
  • The bed and other furniture should be of quality
  • Linens should always be fresh, clean and appealing.
  • Bathrooms should be clean and perfectly maintained by housekeeping

A popular 3 star hotel Bangkok market has today ensures that these requirements are definitely met. They offer not only budget-friendly accommodation but also comfortable relaxation.

In addition, many hotels offer a lot of additional features. These include a well-equipped gym cum fitness centre which is accessible by the guests during their stay.

The rooms are also categorised into Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Premium rooms and, of course, the suites. The rates would also vary depending on the room category that guests select. Those on a leisure trip and wish to spend some relaxed moments and enjoy all comforts may choose the premium rooms. The business travellers on a charge account will also not mind staying in a room with a higher rate. This is because the status of the organisation they represent requires them to choose premium rooms. They may sometimes need to entertain guests and conduct business in their suites. Moreover, regular guests from the corporate world may also be  given handsome discounts offered by the hotel as part of their service.

Other Factors That Influence a Hotel’s Popularity

With diverse travellers coming from many different parts of the world, the 3 star hotel Bangkok has today tries to cater to all their needs and tastes. So the food being served in the hotel assumes quite a bit of importance. To start with, the best hotels try and have 3 or 4 restaurants, including a 24-hour coffee shop for the benefit of their guests. Guests arriving by international flights or leaving at night would want to consume some food or drink at any time during the night. Among the cuisines offered in the restaurants, the hotels would usually serve local Thai specialities in one. This would make the local travellers and the foreigners wanting to taste local food. The other restaurants will be able to serve food, which is preferred by the guests at their hotel. These are developed through experience and feedback from the guests over the years.

Summing up, the most favoured hotels are the ones which put their guests’ interests first and provide them a comfortable stay, take care of even their smallest needs and make them feel special. While leaving the hotel, that they would want to come again and again and stay at their hotel.