Getting the Best Vacation Rentals in Phuket

There is nothing better than taking your family and friends on a fun filled getaway vacation that will leave you more relaxed and energized. When out on vacation you get to explore great and exciting adventure, lots of fun and lots of things that life can offer away from home. Getting the long term rental Phuket has for options is a good way to enjoying your vacation.

A long term rental Phuket has today can be referred also as a villa rental or a holiday rental. These rentals are exclusive fully furnished condominium or apartments that can be preferred to a clumsy, expensive and small in space hotel rooms. The vacation rental is mainly rented on a temporal basis (either short term or long term) – ideal for family, couples, friends or group outings that gives a homely feel while away from home.

There are different types of long term rental Phuket has to offer, that range from a budget room apartment to the expensive, lavish and luxurious environments in most preferred locations in Phuket. These vacation rentals are basically holidayed cottages, townhomes, farm stays, villa, condominium or apartments that are equipped with home furnishings. Some offer hotel packages such as in-house housekeeping, 24 hours front office maintenance, check- in and concierge service.

Steps and measures to take while searching for Vacation Rentals

·         Deal only with landlords or renters who prove themselves to be genuine and reliable

·         Avoid giving out your social security numbers, credit cards or bank account numbers, and your personal information

·         Research on the Vacation rental you would like to visit/rent especially when searching through the internet.

·         Avoid engaging in payment transactions if you are not certain of the Vacation rental  you want to rent

·         Insist on a rental lease/agreement that is signed if the landlords or renters want cash or wire money transfer

·         Use a reliable website when searching for the Rentals

What to look at upon arrival to the vacation rentals

·         Make sure all the appliances in the house are working properly such as electric, bathtubs, sinks etc.

·         Make sure that the Security in the area is maximum

·         How broken things can be fixed before you move into the rental

·         Confirm that the sewer/water is working properly


Travelers are mostly encouraged to visit the vacation rental websites before checking into the rentals. The following are the often asked questions that are easily answered to the clients’ satisfaction.

1. Do I need a car to get to town?

The answer to this question depends on the frequent mobility of the client. The Vacation Rentals management have put this into consideration by organizing transportation to the local attractions as an entertainment package to the client.

2. How far is the grocery store?

Travelers are advised to do a massive grocery run if they have plans for cooking. The Vacation Rentals have provided storage freezers inside every apartment to keep your grocery fresh during your stay.

3. Is the environment noisy?

Vacation Rentals are mostly clustered in one area, and the noise in the area will depend with the neighbors that have rented the place.

They offer the best quality vacation rentals in the region.