Crown Your Wedding With a Picture-Perfect Honeymoon in Samui

Planning a wedding is only half the story when it comes to the fairytale ending; in fact most couples will agree that the one part of their wedding that they look forward to the most is their honeymoon. This is particularly true when one is able to afford a honeymoon resort Samui destination and accommodation options. After months of careful planning to ensure that your big day is perfect, it may be a real “Debbie downer” if the same amount of planning was not put into the honeymoon arrangements.

Simply choosing a picture perfect destination is not enough to ensure that your honeymoon is all one desires. The location of the hotel, weather, on-site services and special honeymoon packages all play a huge role in making the day after the wedding truly one to remember. Don’t leave anything to chance! It could be the difference to the start of a blissful marriage or one marred by a sub-standard hotel.

Selecting the right hotel especially when one is looking for that beach honeymoon resort Samui experience can be a bit daunting. As usual, the onus falls squarely on the groom’s shoulders to whisk their new bride off to a romantic destination with all the bells and whistles. Anyone who really has no clue should take a look at The Library Koh Samui resort which offers their guests tailor-made wedding and honeymoon services.

What’s important is to find a hotel that understands that your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life and is willing to go the extra mile to make it so. Honeymooners need an intimate and romantic honeymoon resort Samui space where couples can forge matrimonial bonds that will stand the test of time.

Many couples nowadays want a truly unique and original experience and this is what one will find when considering a trip to the island of Samui. Even though The Library Koh Samui offers full wedding packages that encompass all the planning from start to finish, they also offer equally in-depth honeymoon services.

From their CNN and TripAdvisor featured Red Pool which is literally red, to the gorgeous beckoning white sandy stretches of beach, this is certainly one for the family history books.

As if the breathtaking location of the hotel resort was not sufficient, add in their phenomenal approach to when, where and how they serve their scrumptious cuisine. Start your day off with breakfast on the beach! And this is not just a blanket with a picnic basket; no, it is a pristine white mattress set up on the beach with a table laden with every delicacy one can possibly imagine for breakfast.

Add in additional snacks and meals such as “Tea by the Sea” and “Starlit Dinnerscapes” to name only two of their fine dining options. As an added bonus, in case one’s new bride is a bit lacking in the kitchen department, there are also culinary classes hosted by a top chef! This venue offers a lifetime of memories in one single visit.


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