Check into The Hotel that Balances Between Your Business and Pleasure Needs

As a business person you do like class and style. You want things that define your identity from the very beginning. Whenever you are travelling you want even your journey to be defined within the boundaries of your class. From the plane you use to the place you stay, you need to make sure quality is not compromised. Your accommodation is a priority and the hotel you will stay in need to be among the best. Whenever you visit Bangkok, the only place you want to stay at is the hotel Sukhumvit road has.

One of things that define a good accommodation is the type of rooms available. Besides this, food is also of great importance especially when it cuts across local and international cuisines. The location of the hotel is also important especially for businessmen. It should be near amenities such as airports, hospitals, banks, and train and bus stations and so on. The facilities in the hotel also need to be the best to help you enhance your recreation.


Different hotels have different types of rooms depending on the level. Hotel Sukhumvit road boasts a wide range of rooms that includes studios and rooms each furnished with the best accessories and facilities to enhance your stay. One such is the studio executive that boasts 50 square meters of space with floors cladded in hardwood. The bedroom includes dressers, cabinets and an en suite bathroom with a bathtub.

This has a balcony that enables you have a view of the beautiful city and a little workspace for you to get busy. For the beds, you have the choice between twin beds and a king size bed. Other amenities include a kitchen, entertainment unit that has TV, DVD, an iPod dock and an audio system.


Accommodation is not complete without facilities. These are aimed at making sure your recreation and entertainment is fully provided for given your busy business schedule. However even if you want to conduct business inside the hotel, the state of the art facilities are there to see to it that you have the best time. A dynamic meeting room, business centre and a spacious spa fitted with saunas are among the facilities available.

The business centre is perfectly designed to cut between your travelling needs and your business needs. Availability of ergonomic furniture ensures that your comfort and health is not compromised. Availability of internet enabled iMacs ensures you are not disconnected from the outside world.

If you travel as a company for the sake of meetings, the meeting centre has a capacity of 35 people. With impeccable and state of the art facilities such as furniture you are assured a successful event. Reliable client based services are available for you have peace of mind during meetings.

Whenever you travel to Bangkok for business or holiday you need to ensure that you book in with the hotel Sukhumvit road has. Known as Pachara Suites, it is what you need to get a balance between business and pleasure. With facilities such as these, your trips can only get better.