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Best Practices in Application Development Outsourcing

Your application development process can either be the best decision that you ever made or filled with horror stories if you fail to plan accordingly. It is not just about picking the right application development company at the right price. You have to manage and control several other processes to ensure that everything goes right.


Here are some of the best practices that you can incorporate when planning to outsource your software development services in order to ensure that everything turns out all right:

Create very clear objectives.

The best laid plans always lead to success. Define the scope of the work and create teams that will manage the outsourcing process. Plan your budget early and create a schedule within which you want the software to be developed. Start thinking about the ownership of the project right from the time theapplication development company has started working on the software development.

Get the right provider.

Get a development provider that is compatible. Get someone that understands more than just the coding. They should also be able to understand your business objectives, market and company culture and align with that in the software development process. They should also have good communication skills and a professional attitude to work.

It is important to understand that the developers will become a part of your company, at least for the duration of the software development process.

Do not focus too much on the cost savings.

Developers tend to focus too much on the money that they fail to look at the bigger picture. The focus should always be on the successful completion and excellent development of your software tool. You might lock down the savings but then the software fails the reliability test and you have to spend again on the software development process.

Establish good communication.

This cannot be emphasized enough. Good communications are always key to successful project execution. You have to take the initiative and stake out the right tone from the very start. Have very clear and detailed specifications on the scope of the project. Communicate your budget and time schedule. Communicate the deliverables that you want from the software developer. read more

Things You Need To Know Before Eating in a Chinese Restaurant in Pattaya

It is good to indulge in foreign cuisines once a while. Chinese food is particularly interesting and you should make sure you visit a Chinese restaurant at least once in your lifetime. You don’t have to travel to China to taste their cuisines. Nowadays, Chinese restaurants are in almost all the major cities in the world. The Chinese restaurant Pattaya option you decide to visit should provide you with the desired experience. But, which kind of food and drinks do I expect in the menu? How am I supposed to conduct myself while I the restaurant? These are some of the questions that will run into your mind when you plan to visit a Chinese restaurant Pattaya option. You need worry no more. This article will give you all the information you need to know about Chinese restaurants. After reading it, you can walk confidently into the Chinese restaurant near you.

All the food is shared

In a Chinese restaurant you do not order your own food. Normally, the host orders food on behalf of everyone in the table. In case you have special requests, you discuss it privately with the host. Unlike other Pattaya restaurants, you will not have your own dish served in front of you. The food is usually placed at the center where everyone can reach out. If you are the host, you don’t have to worry about what to order; the menus have picture so you can tell the kind of food you are ordering.

Let the guests and the elderly start first

As the host, you are expected to allow your guests or the elderly people in the table to start eating first. You only start eating once they have had their first bite. This is considered a sign of politeness. Respect is everything in the Chinese culture. Respect for the elderly is highly upheld including at the dinner table.

Chopsticks for all dishes

This is the greatest challenge for most foreigners when it comes to Chinese food. Do not be surprised to find that the Chinese restaurant Pattaya option you have visited has neither folks nor knives. You will have no choice but to use the chopsticks. I would suggest that you start practicing in advance before visiting the restaurant. Buy a pair of chopsticks from your local supermarket and practice by picking peanuts and noodles. read more

Beach Holiday Fun for the Entire family in Pattaya

Although many people would shy away from considering a holiday in Pattaya, Thailand as a fun family vacation spot, there truly are a few beachfront hotel Pattaya spots that cater for the entire family. There is nothing more interesting than experiencing the Thai culture with your whole family; particularly with children who will be enamoured with the many ornate buildings and gorgeous ocean views that most of the resorts and hotels have on offer.

What’s more, when it comes to holiday accommodation most if not all of the beachfront hotel Pattaya hotels cater for every possible need that one may have while away from home. Surrounded with glorious ocean views and sandy beaches is all one really needs to keep your children thoroughly entertained for the duration of the holiday. Should you encounter bad weather then there is a huge amount of alternative activities to keep everyone busy.

The Holiday Inn Pattaya is one of these hotels that are designed to suit an entire family vacation. With their vibrantly decorated children’s bedrooms and spacious family suites, your next family holiday will certainly be off to the best possible start. The restaurants on site offer such a huge range that your day can begin with brunch in the retro looking East Coast Kitchen; for those who cannot wait to spend their entire day at the infinity swimming pool, there is Splash which offers snacks and beverages for all ages as well.

Granted, most parents will also want to let their hair down and experience some of Thailand’s nightlife. In order to be able to do this while making certain that this is done without any fuss or stress, you can just order a babysitter who will safely mind your children in the hotel room. But this beachfront hotel Pattaya has onsite kid’s club activities that are available with the push of a button from your hotel room phone! What could be easier than knowing your children can be making crafts or enjoying the sunshine in a healthy fun environment?

For more information on the many onsite and nearby activities for families check out the hotels website which lists several nearby resorts that also cater for visitors with children. read more

Happy vacation in Sala Daeng: Bangkok

If you ask me that one thing that can rejuvenate me after hectic days at work in the office, I would say it is vacation. Someone rightly said that a vacation is that where you forget what day of the week it is. It is no less than a bliss on earth. In today’s times, people go to the most popular destinations in vacation. Bangkok is one such tourist destination for vacation seekers. People who are familiar with Bangkok would not miss to mention Sala Daeng, the most popular place in Bangkok. You can find clean and friendly hotel in Sala Daeng. In Bangkok, you have many choices, but Siri Sathorn hotel is best of the lot. Siri Sathorn is in the heart of the city of Bangkok.

clean and friendly hotel in Sala Daeng

One of the best features of Siri Sathorn hotel is that it has bus shuttle services running on almost all the important routes of Bangkok from morning till night. As a tourist, you can relax and enjoy the bus ride and witness the beautiful city without any strain. This hotel also offers Limousine service. So if you are on a honeymoon, you can just enjoy the Limousine drive with your sweetheart. And if you are a professional, you can drive down comfortably to your meeting. Another unique feature that makes this hotel the best is its fully equipped kitchen. This is one feature that makes its customers stay in Siri Sathorn again and again. This is available in all suites.

Apart from this, all suites have a safe deposit box, LCD TVs, and other high-fi appliances. This clean and friendly hotel in Sala Daeng hotel also has a children play area and garden sitting area. The friendly staff caters to baby sitting. For health conscious people, it offers the fitness center and also a swimming pool.

Siri Sathorn hotel takes special interest in the business class and professionals who visit Bangkok for official trip. It has rooms of all sizes suiting the requirement from a small room to a board room to a big conference room accommodating as many as 200 persons. Each room is well equipped with all the office things like projector, internet connection, and writing board. There are also corporate packages available providing coffee and international buffet lunch. read more

Experience Home Away from Home

Life today has many demands, dashed with some challenges and is outright fast-paced. We work like there is no tomorrow and we get stressed as if we are at the end. People these days concentrate much of their time in getting things done that we often forget to give ourselves a break. So, when we say “Hello Holiday!”, we make sure we spend it perfectly! And the best way to spend your perfect holiday getaway is to spend it with Sunshine Beach Accommodation – where you experience home away from home!

Sunshine Beach Accommodation

Noosa accommodation offers you impressive beachfront architectures with its fascinating views and remarkable Sunshine Beach apartments. Noosa is the smartest way for you to spend your perfect holiday getaway. The property is strategically located half an hour away from the Sunshine Coast and is in north of Brisbane. Its stunning beachfronts and beautifully constructed apartments are available in their Sunshine Beach and Noosaville Resorts. You can enjoy a swim or start an adventure in its hidden coves within its vicinity. Noosa offers great smart deals that you can avail for you to enjoy your holiday getaway.

You can never go wrong with its Sunshine Beach Accommodation. This property is located not far from the main Noosa Beach and welcomes you to a refined private and exclusive getaway. If you want to be served with natural beauty, serenity and leisure at the very comfort of your beachfront apartments, try their Noosa Luxury Accommodation. It offers you a sparkling view of the beach and lets you experience that all natural outdoor feel. This luxurious accommodation gives you a ticket to the fresh outdoor air, relaxing beach view and comforting rays of the sun. Noosa Holiday Accommodation grants you the best holiday experience in its sophisticated apartments, inviting silence and breathtaking sceneries. All of its available apartments indeed are a home away from home.

Aside from the astonishing beach view that the property has to offer, the apartments also provide cool blue swimming pools, cozy rooms and comforting bathrooms. Its clear blue water is definitely inviting and allows you to relax in a laid back theme while the world continues its fast-paced lifestyle. You become a witness of a magnificent view and you get to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle away from the demands of city traffic and rush. read more