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Check into The Hotel that Balances Between Your Business and Pleasure Needs

As a business person you do like class and style. You want things that define your identity from the very beginning. Whenever you are travelling you want even your journey to be defined within the boundaries of your class. From the plane you use to the place you stay, you need to make sure quality is not compromised. Your accommodation is a priority and the hotel you will stay in need to be among the best. Whenever you visit Bangkok, the only place you want to stay at is the hotel Sukhumvit road has.

One of things that define a good accommodation is the type of rooms available. Besides this, food is also of great importance especially when it cuts across local and international cuisines. The location of the hotel is also important especially for businessmen. It should be near amenities such as airports, hospitals, banks, and train and bus stations and so on. The facilities in the hotel also need to be the best to help you enhance your recreation.


Different hotels have different types of rooms depending on the level. Hotel Sukhumvit road boasts a wide range of rooms that includes studios and rooms each furnished with the best accessories and facilities to enhance your stay. One such is the studio executive that boasts 50 square meters of space with floors cladded in hardwood. The bedroom includes dressers, cabinets and an en suite bathroom with a bathtub.

This has a balcony that enables you have a view of the beautiful city and a little workspace for you to get busy. For the beds, you have the choice between twin beds and a king size bed. Other amenities include a kitchen, entertainment unit that has TV, DVD, an iPod dock and an audio system.


Accommodation is not complete without facilities. These are aimed at making sure your recreation and entertainment is fully provided for given your busy business schedule. However even if you want to conduct business inside the hotel, the state of the art facilities are there to see to it that you have the best time. A dynamic meeting room, business centre and a spacious spa fitted with saunas are among the facilities available. read more

Star Hotels in Bangkok – Enjoy Asian Hospitality at its Best

On your next trip to Bangkok, look for a convenient place to stay. Many times, if you do a diligent search, you might find a 3 star hotel Bangkok has to offer at rates comparable with budget hotels. However, in terms of convenience, comfort and service, they are as good as any luxury hotel. In the hospitality sector, there are factors you may want to explore before making a reservation namely, the hotel’s location, the type of accommodation including food, and the overall quality of their service.

Facilities and Provisions are Very Important

Any hotel should have the basic amenities available for guest to be comfortable during their stay. These include:

  • The rooms should be properly laid out and spacious,
  • The bed and other furniture should be of quality
  • Linens should always be fresh, clean and appealing.
  • Bathrooms should be clean and perfectly maintained by housekeeping

A popular 3 star hotel Bangkok market has today ensures that these requirements are definitely met. They offer not only budget-friendly accommodation but also comfortable relaxation.

In addition, many hotels offer a lot of additional features. These include a well-equipped gym cum fitness centre which is accessible by the guests during their stay.

The rooms are also categorised into Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Premium rooms and, of course, the suites. The rates would also vary depending on the room category that guests select. Those on a leisure trip and wish to spend some relaxed moments and enjoy all comforts may choose the premium rooms. The business travellers on a charge account will also not mind staying in a room with a higher rate. This is because the status of the organisation they represent requires them to choose premium rooms. They may sometimes need to entertain guests and conduct business in their suites. Moreover, regular guests from the corporate world may also be  given handsome discounts offered by the hotel as part of their service.

Other Factors That Influence a Hotel’s Popularity

With diverse travellers coming from many different parts of the world, the 3 star hotel Bangkok has today tries to cater to all their needs and tastes. So the food being served in the hotel assumes quite a bit of importance. To start with, the best hotels try and have 3 or 4 restaurants, including a 24-hour coffee shop for the benefit of their guests. Guests arriving by international flights or leaving at night would want to consume some food or drink at any time during the night. Among the cuisines offered in the restaurants, the hotels would usually serve local Thai specialities in one. This would make the local travellers and the foreigners wanting to taste local food. The other restaurants will be able to serve food, which is preferred by the guests at their hotel. These are developed through experience and feedback from the guests over the years. read more

Getting the Best Vacation Rentals in Phuket

There is nothing better than taking your family and friends on a fun filled getaway vacation that will leave you more relaxed and energized. When out on vacation you get to explore great and exciting adventure, lots of fun and lots of things that life can offer away from home. Getting the long term rental Phuket has for options is a good way to enjoying your vacation.

A long term rental Phuket has today can be referred also as a villa rental or a holiday rental. These rentals are exclusive fully furnished condominium or apartments that can be preferred to a clumsy, expensive and small in space hotel rooms. The vacation rental is mainly rented on a temporal basis (either short term or long term) – ideal for family, couples, friends or group outings that gives a homely feel while away from home.

There are different types of long term rental Phuket has to offer, that range from a budget room apartment to the expensive, lavish and luxurious environments in most preferred locations in Phuket. These vacation rentals are basically holidayed cottages, townhomes, farm stays, villa, condominium or apartments that are equipped with home furnishings. Some offer hotel packages such as in-house housekeeping, 24 hours front office maintenance, check- in and concierge service.

Steps and measures to take while searching for Vacation Rentals

·         Deal only with landlords or renters who prove themselves to be genuine and reliable

·         Avoid giving out your social security numbers, credit cards or bank account numbers, and your personal information

·         Research on the Vacation rental you would like to visit/rent especially when searching through the internet.

·         Avoid engaging in payment transactions if you are not certain of the Vacation rental  you want to rent

·         Insist on a rental lease/agreement that is signed if the landlords or renters want cash or wire money transfer

·         Use a reliable website when searching for the Rentals read more

Travel Back In Time in Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is an ancient city located 2,430 meters above sea level at Machu Picchu district of Peru in Cusco Region of Urubamba Province. Traveling to Machu Picchu is like traveling back in time. It is a place that enchants, inspires, surprises and delights you.

traveling to machu picchu

traveling to machu picchu

Visiting Machu Picchu would certainly excite the adventurous or the discoverer in you and it’s a place you must visit once in your lifetime. The ruins of this mysterious town were first discovered by Hiram Bingham, a Yale archaeologist in the year 1911. It is a 15th century site of the Inca and the name ‘Machu Picchu’ means Old Peak in the Quencha language. Some also believe that the site may have been discovered much before this time during 1867 by a German businessman known to be Augusto Berns, but it came to be publicly discovered only in the year 1911. It is believed that the site was used for sacred ceremonies during Inca times and was development in such a way that the whole town was self-sustained.

Besides being used for ceremonial festivities, the Machu Picchu also functioned as an astronomical observatory and the Intihuatana stone is a proof of this amazing invention. A lot of researches done on this ancient site have suggested that on March 21st and September 21st at midday, the sun stands almost directly above the pillar, creating no shadow at all. This is believed to be the special times when the Inca people performed sacred activities. Similarly there are numerous other significant times when movement of sky along with celestial changes have been noticed with the help of this Intihuatana stone.

Other attractions at the site are the temple of the sun and the room with 3 windows. The entire site has been constructed using polished dry stones, which is very typical of classic Inca style of architecture. Traveling to Machu Picchu will be an exciting trip as the site is surrounded by beautiful and dense tropical forest and offers incredible views of snow-capped peaks and great granite precipices that are huge at almost 2000 feet in height. read more

Enjoy Plush Accommodations at a Luxurious Samui Resort

If you are looking for the perfect island getaway, look no further than the stunning Koh Samui. This island of beauty is located off the east coast of Thailand and is a popular tourist spot due to its stunning scenery. If you want to enjoy the experience in style, you should certainly consider the TripAdvisor-endorsed accommodation at Prana Resorts. This hotel beach Samui option will provide a truly relaxing experience with the crystal blue waters and the fresh sea air providing a stark contrast to your day to day life.

In terms of spending your time on this trip, there are two different options to consider. These include the activities available at the Prana Resorts and the sightseeing opportunities available outside the resort venue. However, with the wide range of services offered in the accommodation, you will struggle to pull yourself away from the relaxation!

Enjoy luxurious comfort Samui style, with the beach hotel providing unique detox and massage treatments while relaxing by the spa. You can either begin or end the day in full relaxation; aware that your skin has received good quality health and beauty attention.

The indulgences should not end after the beauty treatment as another major experience of your holiday will be the Koh Samui dinner on the beach. Forget about the sound of traffic, the smell of pollution and the stresses of the corporate world and enjoy your meal amongst the blissful nature of one of the planet’s secret gems. Hold friendly discussions with both the locals and other holiday goers to further enhance your evenings.

You may also want to venture out and explore other elements of the Koh Samui Island. Being fully aware of the high-quality accommodation offered, you will also find an extensive range of activities to participate in. The island is home to both a driving range and mini-golf course, horse riding activities, scuba diving and cooking classes! Ensure you don’t leave your vacation without taking home a new skill and unforgettable sights. read more