Best Practices in Application Development Outsourcing

Your application development process can either be the best decision that you ever made or filled with horror stories if you fail to plan accordingly. It is not just about picking the right application development company at the right price. You have to manage and control several other processes to ensure that everything goes right.


Here are some of the best practices that you can incorporate when planning to outsource your software development services in order to ensure that everything turns out all right:

Create very clear objectives.

The best laid plans always lead to success. Define the scope of the work and create teams that will manage the outsourcing process. Plan your budget early and create a schedule within which you want the software to be developed. Start thinking about the ownership of the project right from the time theapplication development company has started working on the software development.

Get the right provider.

Get a development provider that is compatible. Get someone that understands more than just the coding. They should also be able to understand your business objectives, market and company culture and align with that in the software development process. They should also have good communication skills and a professional attitude to work.

It is important to understand that the developers will become a part of your company, at least for the duration of the software development process.

Do not focus too much on the cost savings.

Developers tend to focus too much on the money that they fail to look at the bigger picture. The focus should always be on the successful completion and excellent development of your software tool. You might lock down the savings but then the software fails the reliability test and you have to spend again on the software development process.

Establish good communication.

This cannot be emphasized enough. Good communications are always key to successful project execution. You have to take the initiative and stake out the right tone from the very start. Have very clear and detailed specifications on the scope of the project. Communicate your budget and time schedule. Communicate the deliverables that you want from the software developer.

When you are clear, detailed and very precise on what you need, it will be very easy for you and the developer to understand each other and create a healthy working relationship. It is also important to be very professional and polite in how you communicate with the software outsourcing firm that you have subcontracted.

You get what you pay for.

While high project costs are generally not a guarantee of the best services, it is reasonable to expect very much what you pay for when it comes to software development. Establish a reasonable budget for the kind of the application development project that you have and get the right application development company and technology provider ready to offer an impeccable service within your budget.

With these simple tips, you should get it right most of the time when it comes to your application development projects.