Beach Holiday Fun for the Entire family in Pattaya

Although many people would shy away from considering a holiday in Pattaya, Thailand as a fun family vacation spot, there truly are a few beachfront hotel Pattaya spots that cater for the entire family. There is nothing more interesting than experiencing the Thai culture with your whole family; particularly with children who will be enamoured with the many ornate buildings and gorgeous ocean views that most of the resorts and hotels have on offer.

What’s more, when it comes to holiday accommodation most if not all of the beachfront hotel Pattaya hotels cater for every possible need that one may have while away from home. Surrounded with glorious ocean views and sandy beaches is all one really needs to keep your children thoroughly entertained for the duration of the holiday. Should you encounter bad weather then there is a huge amount of alternative activities to keep everyone busy.

The Holiday Inn Pattaya is one of these hotels that are designed to suit an entire family vacation. With their vibrantly decorated children’s bedrooms and spacious family suites, your next family holiday will certainly be off to the best possible start. The restaurants on site offer such a huge range that your day can begin with brunch in the retro looking East Coast Kitchen; for those who cannot wait to spend their entire day at the infinity swimming pool, there is Splash which offers snacks and beverages for all ages as well.

Granted, most parents will also want to let their hair down and experience some of Thailand’s nightlife. In order to be able to do this while making certain that this is done without any fuss or stress, you can just order a babysitter who will safely mind your children in the hotel room. But this beachfront hotel Pattaya has onsite kid’s club activities that are available with the push of a button from your hotel room phone! What could be easier than knowing your children can be making crafts or enjoying the sunshine in a healthy fun environment?

For more information on the many onsite and nearby activities for families check out the hotels website which lists several nearby resorts that also cater for visitors with children.

But as many know Thailand is the one holiday spot where one can go to truly let loose! Pattaya has several intriguing nightclubs and for those tourists who have made their way to this area to experience both the island and city life, the Holiday Inn Pattaya is not too far to travel into Bangkok for a day of shopping or evening of experiencing all that the city has on offer. Naturally, Bangkok is called the city of sin; but letting your hair down and living a little within limits is anything but sinful. Perhaps it’s the fact that anything goes in Thailand and one is able to just be yourself without any judgement or required explanation.

There is so much to discover in Pattaya, Thailand that it will definitely require either a long stay or a return trip!

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