4 Questions to Ask in Search for Good Computer Repairs in CBD

Computers are delicate devices, and any abnormality in their components can cause issues to their performance. Though some problems can be fixed by regular users, there are issues that only professional technicians can and should address. If you don’t want to risk damaging your computer, your best option is to have it checked by a professional. But are all repair shops the same? What questions should you ask to the repair shop and the technician? Here are the important things you should know about computer repairs Melbourne CBD options.

The Problem with Big Repair Shops

It’s always easy to take your troubled PC to the biggest computer repair in Melbourne shops for service. However, many of these shops see your PC unit as just a number; they make decisions for the repair based on your computer’s support and supplier incentives, and you may have to wait for weeks just to get your unit fixed.

The Advantage of Small Independent Repair Shops

Small, independent computer repairs in Melbourne CBD, however, make customer service their top priority. Because they don’t deal with thousands of troubled computers every day, they take time to talk to every owner, make thorough check-up and elaborate repair service and quick fix. Many shops even offer same day fix.

So what are the questions you need to ask to the person who will do the repair? Here are some few suggestions:

Flat fee or hourly rate?

It is always good to know how much the repair would cost. Thus, ask the repair person if he can make an estimate how long it will take for him to fix your PC. If the cost is almost as high as purchasing a new computer, wouldn’t you want to know it before the repair starts? Also, it goes without saying that the repair person should also be able to give you clear answers on what exactly he will do on your device. It can help if you have an idea of what the problem is, and give the technician instructions, so he can give you a good estimate of the repair charge. If the service will cost more than you expect, then you must tell them before proceeding with the repair.

Is there a flat-rate fee?

Many shops of pc repair in Melbourne have a minimum fee for their services. Often times, they charge for a flat fee just for their initial diagnosis – they call it the “bench” charge.

Is the new hardware covered with warranty?

Different computer hardware companies have different warranties. If the technician is going to replace your damaged hardware with a new one, then you must opt for something with good warranty period. You would want to take advantage of their coverage, it may cost $20 more, but it can make a big difference when you experience issues with your computer again.

Does the repair company provide remote repair service?

You don’t always have to bring your computer to the shop for the technician to check and repair, as some issues can be fixed remotely. However, this only works in software issues, but it’s a great convenience to have at your disposal. Ask whether the computer repairs Melbourne CBD company offers remote repair. Remote repair means the technician can fix your internet in his own place by logging into your computer through the internet.

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